About EC-Council iWeek Program

This solution is a live, online, instructor-led training course which means you can attend a course with a live instructor from anywhere with an internet connection. Our Virtual Classroom training combines our live, virtual cyber range, real-world instructors, content, exercises and peer collaboration to give you the best chance at certification and the biggest return on your investment.

What Will You Get?

  • Official training (Live Online Training)
  • Official (Digital courseware)
  • Exam certification / Exam voucher
  • I-lab, online labs

EC-Council iWeek Offered Courses

CEH | Certified Ethical Hacker

A Certified Ethical Hacker is a skilled professional who understands and knows how to look for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in target systems and uses the same knowledge and tools as a malicious hacker, but in a lawful and legitimate manner to assess the security posture of a target system(s). The CEH credential certifies individuals in the specific network security discipline of Ethical Hacking from a vendor-neutral perspective.

July 27th - July 31st | 12:30 - 20:30 EET

Wayne Burke

Aug 24th - Aug 28th | 12:30 - 20:30 EET

Wayne Burke

Sept 21st - Sept 25th | 12:30 - 20:30 EET


CCISO | Certified Chief Information Security Officer

The Certified CISO (CCISO) program is the first of its kind training and certification program aimed at producing top-level information security executives. The CCISO does not focus solely on technical knowledge but on the application of information security management principles from an executive management point of view. The program was developed by sitting CISOs for current and aspiring CISOs.

June 25th - June 28th | 08:30 - 15:30 EET

George Dobrea

ECIH | EC-Council Certified Incident Handler

ECIH is a method-driven program that uses a holistic approach to cover vast concepts concerning organizational incident handling and response from preparing and planning the incident handling response process to recovering organizational assets after a security incident. These concepts are essential for handling and responding to security incidents to protect organizations from future threats or attacks.

July 27th - July 29th | 12:30 - 20:30 EET


ECSA | EC-Council Certified Security Analyst

The ECSA penetration testing course provides you with a real world hands-on penetration testing experience and is a globally accepted hacking and penetration testing class available that covers the testing of modern infrastructures, operating systems and application environments while teaching the students how to document and write a penetration testing report.

Aug 24th - Aug 28th | 12:30 - 20:30 EET

Sean Hanna

Sept 21st - Sept 25th | 12:30 - 20:30 EET

Wayne Burke

CND | Certified Network Defender

A CND will get the fundamental understanding of the true construct of data transfer, network technologies, software technologies so that they understand how networks operate, understand what software is automating and how to analyze the subject material. In addition, network defense fundamentals, the application of network security controls, protocols, perimeter appliances, secure IDS, VPN and firewall configuration, intricacies of network traffic signature, analysis and vulnerability scanning are also covered which will help the Network Administrator design greater network security policies and successful incident response plans. CND is a skills-based, lab intensive program based on a job-task analysis and cybersecurity education framework presented by the National Initiative of Cybersecurity Education (NICE).

June 22nd - June 26th | 09:00 - 16:00 EET

Wayne Burke

About the Instructors

Wayne Burke’s experience in the public/defense sectors is equally complemented by assignments undertaken for heavyweight world-renowned corporations including Yahoo, Xerox, AT&T and Texas Instruments to name but a few. He is imminently qualified in his field in that he holds a string of professional qualifications in Networking to name a few (MCT, MCSE, Cisco, Network+) and IT Security (CIW-SA, Security+, CEH, ECSA, LPT, CHFI) besides a bachelor’s degree in science. Wayne is currently the VP of Cyber2Labs, responsible for the technical realm and security management, which includes consulting teams. He is a captain of a global operating group of penetration testers and security experts. Wayne and his group have delivered security assessments, Penetration Test assignments and customized training for International Corporations and many Government Agencies such as EPA, FAA, DOJ, DOE, DOD, Air force, Army, Navy, Marines, FBI, and Statewide Law Enforcement Offices in the USA. In Europe: NATO, Europol, MOD (Military of Defense UK) various EU Law Enforcement, Dutch Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Justice, local European Law Enforcement: UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Denmark.

As the former Chief Information Security Scientist of WholeSecurity, one of Fortune Magazine’s Top 25 Breakout Companies in 2005, Michael was fundamental in creating the patent-pending behavioral technologies that drive the company’s endpoint security solutions.

Mr. Vien has over 20 years of experience in Information Technology including networking, system administration, and development, with a focus on Information Security for most of that time.

Mr. Vien has performed penetration tests, network design/implementations, and application development for some of the largest corporations in the world including Exxon Mobil, Ericsson, Sprint, and Abbott Laboratories. Mr. Vien has spent a considerable amount of time researching and developing viruses and Trojan horses to aid in his understanding of these types of threats, the result of which has made him a foremost expert in the field of malicious code. Accordingly his vast experience in the fields of Information Security, Identity Theft, Phishing, and Malicious Code, have lead to Mr. Vien being asked to speak frequently on these topics for a variety of public as well as government forums and panels.

Mr. Vien has also performed consulting services for over 35 US government agencies. In addition, Mr. Vien has developed and taught various classes on Information Security for a number of Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Vien also developed the Attack and Penetration Methodologies for Sprint E-Solutions, including teaching this methodology to Sprint security personnel.

Specialties: Policy creation, penetration and vulnerability testing, malware analysis and detection

He has been a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) since 1998 and is Microsoft’s MCT Regional Lead for Romania.
He was also awarded the Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Award for Enterprise Security in 2005
- 2018.
George has an outstanding legacy as an EC-Council Instructor (CEI) since 2011 and has been awarded
EC-Council’s ‘Instructor of the Year’ Global Award in 2016, 2017, and 2018! He has delivered training in 22
countries over four continents and is a frequent speaker at cybersecurity conferences in Europe and US.
He also dedicates a significant amount of his free time to volunteering instructional activities for emergency
response teams of humanitarian agencies: NetHope, CRS, Oxfam, SaveChildren.

The revolution in technological change presents new opportunities for society, but also raises new challenges and threats.
Tom has been involved in Consultancy, Training and speaking internationally at conferences on all aspects of security and helps businesses and corporates together with the public and government sector organisations to build their capabilities and mitigate risk.
Tom has been involved over the years in:
• Training Courses – Public and In-House Courses
• In-house Consultancy – providing tailored training, knowledge and coaching.

His approach to training is based strongly on developing hands-on practical skills, real life scenarios, group learning and learning from the latest technology developments. Tom is passionate about helping build the knowledge and skills needed to improve IT security within organisations. Tom has invested heavily over the years in setting up various virtualized environments allowing students to participate in remote and onsite labs mimicking real world environments for the purpose of security training and testing.

In Toms new Role within bsi, along with conducting training, Tom is leading the training portfolio where he is involved in quality control, reviewing and setting the direction of training and working with clients with specific training needs within CSIR (Cyber Security and Information Resilience)

Mr. Adel Abdel Moneim, Registered ITU-ARCC Cybersecurity Expert, has over 22 years of experience in the IT / Cyber Security fields, spending most of his career in Information Security Consultation and Training, IFSEC Global Influencer 2019" Thought Leader" Becoming the first Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT) in Egypt (2008), it comes as no surprise that Adel has been awarded the Instructor of the year / Circle of Excellence awards from EC Council for Africa / Middle East regions eight times between 2008 and 2016.

Adel is an international certified trainer from ISC2, ISACA, EC-Council, PECB and CIW who has delivered hundreds of official training courses and workshops. He maintains an exceptional track record of excellent feedback throughout his course delivery, be it at multinational companies, academic / training entities or law enforcement / military institutions, in the areas of Pen-Test, Digital Forensics, Risk Assessment and Management, ISO Standards Implementation/Audit or Security Governance and Compliance.

Capitalizing on his proven expertise and hands on experience in executing security Governance, risk assessments, compliance, conducting security audits, assessing effectiveness of controls, ISMS, Data Privacy, Incident Response, Digital Forensics and Cyber Operation, Adel successfully provides consultation for large enterprise security projects in various government / industry verticals serving many reputable organizations and companies nationally, regionally and internationally.

In a strive to continually rise cyber security awareness, Adel has dedicated hundreds of hours to voluntary work, providing the governmental sector, NGOs and the technical communities with his experience and knowledge in the field. As a Public Speaker he is often requested to share his knowledge as a keynote speaker, at TV / Radio interviews, Conferences, Seminars and Workshops. Furthermore, he contributed in preparing many proposals regarding cyber-crimes and data privacy protection laws in Egypt and the Arab World.

One of Europe's Leading Information Security & Cyber Trainers. A multi global award winning instructor, engaging keynote presenter and EC Council Master Trainer, Sean has been sharing his 25 years industry expertise with global audiences as the founder and director of Nemstar.com, a Specialist Cyber Training Provider. For proven results, customers return to Sean time and time again including GCHQ, Aramco, US Airforce, MoD, Allstate, Capita, Irish Army, Bulgarian Police, United Nations, InterPol, Tyco, Citi Bank, RBS, Morgan Stanley, Ryanair, PWC and many more.