A systematic review of security weaknesses in an information system that evaluates how susceptible it is to any known vulnerabilities.

Regardless of the approach, businesses must protect the integrity of their application and data by identifying potential attack vulnerabilities. Certain regulations and standards require periodic vulnerability assessments. A vulnerability assessment is an automated scan to determine the basic flaws in a system. They can be either network vulnerability, application vulnerability scanning, or a combination of both. The common factor here is that the scan is automated and generates a report of vulnerabilities or issues that may need to be addressed.

The identifying of security vulnerabilities in web applications and their source code by automated scans on the front-end or static/dynamic analysis of source code. For example, the root cause of vulnerability could be an old version of an open-source library. This provides a clear path for resolution – simply upgrading the library.

Why Us?

We aim to evaluate different elements of security covering integrity, confidentiality, authenticity, vulnerability, and continuity, by focusing on the various layers of an information system across infrastructure, database, network, and access channels like mobile. The security testing goal is to make the applications safe and sound and free from vulnerabilities.

Application-level security testing is also commonly known as black-box testing or ethical hacking. Penetration testing is essentially the art of testing a running application remotely, without knowing the internal operations of the application itself to find security vulnerabilities. To provide a fully secure solution, we integrate the code scanning with the application penetration testing, to make sure that the application layer is secured. Application-level testing will investigate software behavior, and verify that the software complies with security requirements. We use automated and manual procedures to validate web application security from two aspects.